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IVF Journal Planner,B&W Complete Ivf Diary, Organize Your In Vitro Fertilization TTC Journey, Medication, Expense, Mood, 2 Full Journals in One

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This gorgeous NEW IVF journal has it all. Created by myself a fellow IVF warrior. I took everything I wished I would’ve tracked together and put it in this beautiful floral IVF Journal. This journal includes 2 COMPLETE identical sections - so basically 2 IVF Journals in one!!

We might be 1 in 8 but we are not alone and now tracking this journey is easier than ever before. This IVF Journal was made with every brave IVF warrior in mind. I was inspired to create this journal because there have been so many times when I had wished I would have kept all of my notes, endless questions, various medications, appointments and expenses in one spot! Now is your chance to stay organized and keep your details in one spot for easy access. This IVF journal includes duplicate pages for TWO full cycles! Now even easier to keep everything in one journal.

This gorgeous journal is printed in 
FULL COLOR on both the cover and inside. In addition, this beautiful dainty watercolor flower IVF journal is printed on premium colored pages with watercolor floral patterns on every interior page. The interior pages are printed on premium crisp white paper – perfect for journaling. Each journal has enough space to document and track two unique cycles.

This journal also includes 40 daily reflection pages to track your mood, physical and emotional feelings as well as a reminder to start and track your self-care routines. These beautiful pages will help keep everything together so you can concentrate on the harder parts of this journey. This journal can be used to track two cycles.

Lastly, there are times when IVF related expenses can be written off on your taxes but please consult a professional. This journal includes pages for expense tracking to help make it easier to keep all infertility related expenses in one spot.
My IVF Journal Includes:

  • Cycle details/Recap: includes; follicle count, eggs retrieved, eggs fertilized, day 3 and day 5 embryo count, blastocysts, frozen embryo and result
  • Things to do First journal pages (Record requests, initial appointments, consultations, insurance approval, medication purchases, etc.)
  • Questions for the doctor
  • Doctor contact information
  • Monthly calendars
  • Appointment tracking
  • Medication tracker (one for a IVF cycle + one IVF or mock IVF cycle)
  • Expense tracker
  • 25+ realistic Two Week Wait (TWW) ideas to pass the time
  • 20 daily reflection pages per cycle
  • Daily mood and symptom tracker
  • Daily physical and emotional feelings reflection tracking
  • Self-care routine tracking
  • Journal/Note blank pages
  • Gorgeous Color Floral Journal Exterior and BLACK & WHITE interior pages 
  • Elegant soft matte cover
  • 99 pages
  • Size 8.5” x 11”
  • Paperback

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